Motivational speaking 2012

Being prepared with the right skills and equipment for motivational speaking is essential for any speaker. It’s hard to prepare a speech that’s good but when delivered, you suddenly feel like you’re the only one actually appreciating the speech (and cringing seeing people yawn like there’s no tomorrow) – which is a total failure. On the other hand, it gives a satisfactory feeling when you deliver a speech and see an audience respond actively and getting your point. To be able to pull an engaging audience, here are tips on effective motivational speaking.

Short and Straight-to-the-point keynote speaker Speeches
Long, pointless speeches that go round and round are boring (and I mean really boring!). You’ll find your audience dozing in no time and may even result in your confidence wavering while speaking. Make speeches that are short, but memorable. Keep your speech focused on only three or four main points and try not to stray in topic. Motivational speaking should be enjoyed by the audience and not drown them in boredom.

Enhancing motivational speaker Presentation
Like proposing projects in a business meeting, motivational speaking also requires something to keep the speech alive. Pack your speech with relevant and enjoyable stories that would help to increase the confidence of the audience in you. Also remember that having creative, colorful visual aids during motivational speaking help to keep the audience’s attention. Don’t focus too much on the visual aids though, or people may start paying more attention to the visuals than to the speaker.

Know Your Audience
To make motivational speaking effective, you have to be able to relate to your audience. All written and non-written language is much more powerful when the people receiving the information are able to relate. Before the event, make sure you get a background on your audience – their goals, wants and needs and especially their age range. Getting an advanced note on their age range gives you an idea on what information would be useful and interesting for their generation.

Have Passion
While the first three tips may be for the speech, the fourth tip; having passion is for you to apply on yourself during motivational speaking. Every speech can only be as effective if the person giving it believes in what they’re saying. Be passionate in your words and make things easier by relating to the topic and including your opinions during motivational speaking. Speeches with no such passion never fool the audience, no matter how young they are.

Body Language
During motivational speaking, you must be conscious of your body language. Making eye contact with the audience is important so they don’t start waning off to Neverland. Use your hands for gestures and never rush the speech. Keep at a slow but understandable phase and remember to converse with your audience from time to time.

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