Professional Speaking Careers

As the motivational speaker sets goals, their message needs definition and must match up with the most likely audiences. Every motivational speaker needs to go through a ten-point checklist to launch or re-boot their professional speaker career.

1. Chronicle your Experiences – The speaker must draw a personalized connection between the audience, the motivational message and the speaker’s life lessons. Motivational speakers should stay on message and stay within their direct experiences but must always be prepared to reference their experiences.

2. List Your Education – The speaker’s educational history is never irrelevant. List and describe each academic achievement. Business topics and social sciences are always valuable tools on the resume.

3. Site extracurricular influences – Audiences want to hear about dedication and commitment. List all hobbies and volunteer work. These attributes go a long way toward connecting with audiences.

4. Define your niche – Perhaps this is the motivational speaker’s biggest necessity. Speakers cannot be all things to all people, but they can exceed expectations when they are in their niche. Identify your niche and stay within the parameters.

5. Study your craft – Do your motivational homework. Research and understand the art of motivation. There are many worthwhile courses that can provide valuable insight into motivational speaking.

6. Become an orator – Do not settle for good speaking skills. Perfect your trade. Great motivational speakers are professional orators. Orators can gather up the audience in the palms of heir hands and deliver the message to receptive listeners.

7. Write the speech – Create several speeches as basic, spur of the moment presentations. Sometimes, you never know and timing is everything in motivational speaking. After your draft the speech, perform a critique, edit the speech and then practice performing the speech. Constructive criticism is a very good thing. Use it to progress. Always encourage feedback.

8. Build your plan – Perfect your profile. Use your resume, educational and experiences to formulate a powerful promotional compilation. Build a website, create a web log, advertise in local newspapers, write articles and, if time permits, write a book. Give audiences the material they need to assess your credibility.

9. Sign up experts – Tap your sources and procure endorsements from local, state and national experts in your field. Always supplement this initial list with reviews and comments from previous engagements.

10. Contract with a bureau – Retain a successful and proven motivational speaker’s booking and reference center. Make sure you understand their business practices, fees and requirements. Let these agencies schedule the work while you perfect your business.

The motivational speaker always knows that their primary goal is to motivate and inspire action. The speaker’s evaluation will be based on the ability to ignite a reaction.

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