Great workout routines

If you follow the right muscle building work out routine coupled with the right muscle building diets taken at the right times, you will prepare yourself for gaining very good muscles and a Greek God like physique. You get this combination wrong and you set yourself up for failure.

To add muscles your work out routine should comprise of intense weight training supplemented with good diets. Aerobic workouts and cardio workouts are excellent for burning fat, where as they are not as effective for muscle building.
good workout routines
Weight training increases the testosterone levels and this is an important hormone for muscle growth and bone health. Testosterone also plays a vital role in the recovery phase of the muscles after the workout is over to build up new muscles.

When training weights, intense workouts is recommended rather than light workouts with several repetitions. However, you can start with a resistance (weight) that you are comfortable with and slowly increase it as you build muscles progressively.
full body workout routine
If you do all this workout and ignore the diet, then all your workouts amount to nothing. The muscle building workout routines are designed to break down the muscles. It is during the next phases of recovery and rest that muscles actually get repaired and grow back. Hence, diets and resting for muscle recovery account to about 90% of your muscle building efforts.

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing your muscle building workout plan is to be aware of your body’s hormone levels and understand how they fluctuate. For example, immediately after an intense workout, the muscle glycogen gets depleted. If you take a glucose with high GI like a fruit shake, this will trigger an insulin response in the body. Insulin has the property to drive the glucose in the body to be stored as muscle glycogen, leading to muscle gain. At other times, glucose will get stored in the fat cells.

dumbbell workout routine
Hence, the same food taken at the wrong time can lead to fat gain instead of muscle gain. It is important to understand these fundamentals of how the body hormones function and how to harness them by using the right diet combinations and exercises at the right times.

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