Toenail Fungus Cure

The problem is simply once you have it, it’s very difficult to completely cure regardless any promises that claim they have a quick, easy or simple cure. While you may be researching for a homeopathic treatment for toenail fungus on your own, remember that by it’s very nature, onychomycosis is considered chronic.

When considering the various homeopathic options for toenail fungus, you need to understand that no remedy can restore your toenails in a week or even a month. Toenails aren’t alive in the sense that your hand is alive. So while your hand can heal, toenails cannot. To regain healthy nails you need the time it takes to grow out new nail material while also protecting the new nail from becoming infected.

Another thing to remember is that any homeopathic treatment for solution will not work with your effort. Here are two that seem to be related and quite popular.

Alkalize – Alkalize
Eating high alkaline foods is claimed by some to be an effective toe nail fungus. Not extremely effective according to some reports but may help with very mild cases of nail fungus. Note that the most popular homeopathic methods to treat this condition use vinegar, a natural alkaline product.

Vinegar – Homeopathic treatment for toenail fungus
Vinegar has been used with success in treating a variety of ailments including toe nail fungus. The idea is basically the same which is to make the living area of the fungus uninhabitable by changing the Ph balance. Although not a scientifically proven method, using vinegar does have a much larger group of people claiming successful cure of their toenail fungus.

There are some home remedies that offer a measure of hope and actually have attained some success. That is, if you believe the number of testimonials for some of these “cures.” Home treatment remedies like odorless iodine, vinegar and tea tree oil have a much larger following. These products are claimed by many to have helped with their nail infection than the rest of the treatment solutions offered.

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